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Freedom Dance Fitness Gospel Aerobics And Gospel Line Dancing

Get Your Joy Back!

Freedom Dance Fitness

Christian Line Dancing and Christian Aerobics

​​Freedom Dance Fitness provides Christian Line Dance and Christian Aerobic classes:


  • ​Christian Line Dancingis a fun way for everyone to renew their joy because it uplifts your mind, body, soul and spirit. Get your strength back by getting your joy back. The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength. The mind is focused on getting the dance steps, leaving the heart open to Hope, Healing and Deliverance from the words of the song.​  

Click here and see yourself line dancing like this...

  • Christian Aerobics improves heart health with non-stop, aerobic movement choreographed to the latest Gospel music. A fun, up-tempo Christian Aerobics class that strengthens and tones your body and calms and relaxes your spirit.  It increases coordination, flexibility and memory skills.  A great way to “Cross” train and prepare the body for the work of Ministry.​

Dance until Your Heart Sings!

You turned my mourning into dancing

You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy
That my
heart may sing to you and not be silent

O Lord, my God, I will give you thanks forever.
 Psalm 30:11-12

 You have to experience it for yourself- you will leave feeling empowered and blessed!!

We are available for Community and Church Events

(Health Fairs, Family Fun Nights, Youth, Senior and Singles Events, etc.)

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We are located in the Chicago area and will travel throughout the country to your location!!